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    Post by Kyoraku Asakura on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:42 pm


    Sealed Description:

    Release Phrase:


    Resurrección Description:
    Instead of black its light blue

    Resurrección Special Ability:The special thing about his ability is that he can activate or deactivate it when vere he please. The ablity is he can make a peice of ice that would go inside the opponets body and he will then be able to use that part of the opponet, but he is not ably to kill him/or.

    Ultimate Ability:The ablity is he can make a peice of ice that would go inside the opponets body and he will then be able to use that part of the opponet.

    Technique(s):Name: Gran Rey Cero (王虚の閃光 (グラン・レイ・セロ), guran rei sero; Spanish for "Grand King Zero", Japanese for "Royal Hollow Flash")
    Effect: Gran rey cero is a unique cero used by the strongest of hollows, it is much more faster and powerful than normal cero's. It is a very potent blast which disturbs the fabric of space. Different users have different colored cero's

    Description:This has the potential to be one of the strongest with it's nature. the sword gained in this release has a feezing touch capable of freezing even a zanpaktou over with ice if contact is sustained. (2 posts or a sustained touch)

    Name: Congelacion Ola ~ Freezing wave
    State: both
    Description: Freezing wave is a technique that releases a wave of energy out. this wave is capable of freezing a light sheet of ice over anything within ten feet of the user. This can be used as many times as the user needs at .5 stamina per use. Ice sheet is more of a hinderance but is capable of distracting an attacker long enough to put distance between them.

    Name: Corrupción ~ Corruption
    State: both
    Description: Corrupción is an ability of the user's that requires physical touch of the hand to the target. this touch, however light, will cause a solid layer of whatever is touched to slowly disintegrate. This layer can bed clothing, skin muscle bone, stone. whatever is touched (minus Zanpaktous) disintegrates for seven inch radius out from point of touch. this can only take apart layers, first layer of skin, second layer, third layer, muscle, then bone. this technique works by pushing the cold reiatsu into the target matter, this reiatsu begins rapidly freezing and shattering the molecules' bonds to one another within that area. (Face cannot be corrupted.)

    Name: Helada Cuchilla ~ Ice Cutter
    State: Both
    Description: Technique is the user's few means of long range defense and offense. at a level 20 kidou level this is a cutting wave of freezing reiatsu that is flung in a similar manner to Getsuga Tensho. it has a range of 100 yards and can explode and freeze over anything it hits. Freezing is mainly a hinderance but if it hits full on with no defense it holds the strength of roughly two full strength sword slashes. -0.5 stam per use.

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