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    Zarenkan Kobayashi

    Zarenkan Kobayashi

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    Zarenkan Kobayashi

    Post by Zarenkan Kobayashi on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:36 pm

    Name: Zarenkan Kobayashi
    Nicknames: Zaren or Zar

    Age: 437
    Visual Age: 18
    Division and Rank: 5th, captain
    Personality: Zarenkan is kind to everyone, even to people who don’t know or like him. He enjoys making new friends. If he can settle things peacefully without a fight he will try instead of fighting. Zarenkan will never fight his friends at full pwer no matter what. If he does draw his sword he only fights to protect his friends or to help make himself or others stronger. He loves going for walks around the Sereitei or in the world of the living. He'll do anything for his friends, even lay down his life for them.
    Birthday: September 5th
    Birthplace: New York City
    Race: White
    Likes: Peace and Quiet, being with his friends, training, making others happy, making new friends, and visiting the world of the living.
    Dislikes: Hurting people, fights to the deaths against anything besides hollows, fighting his friends, watching others be sad or miserable.
    Hobbies: Traveling to the world of the living, helping people, training, making new friends, and hanging out with all his buddies.

    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 154 lb
    History: Zarenkan Kobayashi was an average kid with some wicked reiatsu, he lived a normal life as an only child and had some good friends. He died when he was 18 because he was hit by a car that was going to hit his friend until he pushed him out of the way. Zarenkan always worried more about others instead of himself, so when he woke up after he died it made sense that he died that way. He walked around for a few weeks making sure his friends and family were ok. After a month he was attacked by a hollow, he fought his best and killed the hollow, but he was killed. Before he was turned into a hollow a soul reaper appeared and performed a konsou. In the soul society Zarenkan lived in South rukongai district 78 Inuzuri “Howling Dog”, after some time he entered the Shinigami academy. Even though he lived in a rough place and most people in the academy looked down on him he still kept his kind nature and worried about others more than himself. During his time in the academy he made friends with shinigami named Renji, Kira, Rukia, and Hinamori. Renji and Rukia could relate to him because they both grew up in a rough district. While he was in the academy he focused on training, hanging out with his friends, and showing the snobbier students he was a good kind kid. He went to the world of the living with Kira, Renji, and Hinamori to fight dummy hollows, and tried to run/fight the giant real hollows (like in the episode of Bleach), when captain Aizen showed up he was so amazed by his abilities that he wanted to become as strong as him. He decided that in the end he would join squad 5 no matter what. After 6 years in the academy he joined the Gotei 13.

    Rp Sample: Zarenkan had graduated from the shinigami academy a few days ago and was now on patrol, bored out of his mind. He thought to himself "Man this is so boring, I can't believe they put me on patrol. This is such a waste of my time and abilities. I wish they would send me on a tougher mission so I can show them what i've got. While they're at it they should hurry up and assign me to a division. I hope I get assigned to the 5th division with captain Aizen. I still remember the time he saved me and the others from those giant hollows in the world of the living. I want to be just like him, strong, kind, and respected. I'm gonna get stronger and show everyone how great I am, I'm gonna become a captain so everyone will respect me and come to me if they need help." "But... until then I guess i'll just finish up my patrol and turn in for the night.

    An hour and a half later when Zarenkan was about to finish his patrol he sensed a strange reiatsu and a mysterious person wearing dark black clothes appeared a few feet in front of him. He was about to say something when the stranger turned around and shunpo-ed away. Zarenkan thought he saw the stranger crack a quick smile at him before he left. Looks like things are going to get interesting he said with an excited tone, he shunpo-ed after the stranger so he could figure out what he wanted. He traveled for two or three hours until he found the stranger standing in a spot in the forest that had no trees and was nothing but dirt.

    He then shouted at the stranger "Who are you and what are you doing out this late at night?" The stranger turned and faced him and said with a demented smile "Me? I'm no one special, the name's Mozeru, and I just wanted to go for a walk." Zarenkan didn't believe him, he also didn't trust him. He noticed a zanpakuto on the right side of Mozeru's hip, and saw blood on the hilt and scabbard. Zarenkan shouted "what division are you from and why is there blood on your zanpakuto?" Mozeru smiled again and said i'm not from any division, and the blood came from the guys who wouldn't let me pass into the seretei. Zarenkan was surprised at what he said. "You killed innocent men who were just doing there job?!" Mozeru replied "yes and it was pretty boring, they died so easily it was a waste of my time."

    Zarenkan drew his zanpakuto and charged at him, filled with anger he was going to make this guy pay. Mozeru drew his zanpakuto and guarded against Zarenkan's strike and said "my my... your a quick one. What's wrong did I upset you? Zarenkan yelled at him "You monster... you killed innocent people for nothing! I'm going to make you pay for that!" Zarenkan jumped back and shouted "Rise Inochisoshiteoujou" his zanpakuto transformed to it's shikai and Zarenkan went back for round two. Mozeru laughed and charged back at him saying "Make me pay? that's a laugh i'll kill you. The swords clashed and Zarenkan started swinging his sword at Mozeru but he blocked every attack. Then Mozeru began attacking Zarenkan, he blocked every attack but was having a little trouble. Mozeru said with a wicked laugh "Time to die!" Just then there was a loud sound that sounded like a bell being rung. Mozeru jumped back and sheathed his sword, he said "damn... well that's all the time I have for you right now. I didn't catch your name." Zarenkan told him his name "My name is Zarenkan Kobayashi!" Mozeru said "well Zarenkan... see you later." He then shunpo-ed away. Zarenkan shouted "wait come back!" But he lost all trace of his reiatsu. "Damn it... I gotta report this to head captain Yamamoto." Zarenkan then sheathed his sword and left, hurrying as fast as he could to tell what happened. "That monster Mozeru... i'll get him one day, I swear it."

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