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    Altair Sanguine(Complete)

    Altair Sanguine

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    Altair Sanguine(Complete)

    Post by Altair Sanguine on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:38 am

    Name:Altair Sanguine
    Nickname/s:"The Bloodied Eagle"

    Age:Over Eight Hundred
    Visual Age:20
    Division and Rank:First, Captain Commander(Former Lt. of 1st and 2nd divisions.)
    Personality:Being a bi-polar schizophreanic, Altair's personality is different with each person he is around. Should he be around some one bubbly and happy his mood wil match their own. To be technical you could say his mood is empethatic.
    Likes:Killing, Blood, Flying, Birds, Girls,Swords, Sex, Drinking, smoking.
    Dislikes:Most espada, other men, laziness, cats, boring people.
    Hobbies:Bird Watching, Practicing zijutsu, inventing, intimidating lower ranks so they work harder.
    Innate abilities:

    Master at Zijutsu
    Master at Martial Arts
    Enhanced Reflexes
    Greater Speed
    Greater Stamina
    Fast Growth(Learns abilities faster)
    Enhanced durability.
    Vast Spiritual Pressure
    Master Shunpo'ist
    Ability to see Zanpakuto spirits.
    Channeling reitsu into his shoulder blades gives Altair wings, which will allow him to fly temporarily.
    Able to sense spiritual pressure to the level of below human.
    Appearance: Avatar. With a scar on his throat near the jugular in the shape of a one. And a necklace with the espada leader's sign.
    Human Arc: Born with the name Sairento Bakuhatsu, Altair was at first a brown haired and brown eyed kid. He was weak compared to the others around him, and much to tan. Having these against him, he was always completely serious around those who would seek to expose his weaknesses. From the age of nine years old, Sairento picked many fights to prove his worth. Each one ending with his nose being bloodied or his eye being blackened. It was because of this that he strove to become better.

    Reaching the age of twelve there had been three years that Sairento practiced Zijutsu, or swordsmanship. He had started out in kendo, but at that age he had already advanced to real blades. Practicing the art of Chinese Bah Cho, Sairento excelled at Zijutsu. He ran an undefeated streak until a local fighter, challenged him to a hand to hand combat competition. Knowing very little of this, he failed miserably and got his behind whooped.

    After another four years of training, Sairento reached the age of sixteen. He had trained in mixed martial arts, including different forms of it. This allowed him to go back to the fighter who had defeated him before, taking him down after four years. After this fight, sairento slowly began to become more empathetic reaching a state of maturity that cast away his old nature like trash. This occassion is what made him strive to teach those weaker the skills they would need to defend themselves.

    At the age of eighteen, sairento was engaged to a beautiful girl. They ran his dojo which had become successful enough within the last two years to enter tournaments. Many of which they won, putting the other dojos to shame. One being run by the family-run yakuza. The gang held grudges for each time Sairento beat them in the tournaments. They had tried several times to recruit him into their gang, making promises that he and his betrothed would be taken care of for life, and time and time again, he refused.

    A year later, sairento has reached nineteen and has married his love. The yakuza have stopped pestering him and everything seemed perfect. There was however, a day when Sairento's new wife hadn't shown up to the dojo for practice and he began to worry. Calling off that day's lesson he sped home, only to find his door broken in. Running through the house, he found blood on the kitchen floor. Following it out to the back yard, Sairento found the dead body of his wife, with a message from the yakuza stating that this is what happens when you deny them.

    On his twentieth birthday, Sairento still held hatred in his heart for the men who had killed his wife. Nights and days passed by like sands in the hour and no one had seen Sairento. It was only a week later that they had found hide or hair of him, but in the worst of ways: In the yakuza warehouse the leader had shown his face to close the deal on a smuggling contract with an allied mob. It was that night ,sairento ran into the building, swords swinging that he got his revenge. Fighting off lackey after lackey, killing each one, sairento reached the leader. Shouting a word of victory, he plunged the sword through the man's chest. And from behind him, a spear was plunged through his own, ending the human life he once had.

    Lost Soul Arc: Hundreds of years later, strange "hauntings" occured near the locations of Sairento's and his wife's murders. People claiming to see apparition of Sairento himself wandering the halls of each, or just standing out in the street. This was when he was a lost soul, and hadn't passed on as of yet. It was during one of his "hauntings" that he was attacked by a strange beast. This beast being a "hollow" who wished to devour him.

    Before he could be devoured, however, a strange man cut the thing in half with a glowing golden blade. He was smiling, while he held a hand out for Sairento. Once sairento took it, the man lead him to the Seiretei, where he would train to become a shinigami.

    Unseated Soul Reaper/Shinigami Academy Arc: Due to learning his shikai and bankai at very early times, there wasn't a very long time spent within the academy or as a seated/unseated shinigami for Altair, as he was moved up the lieutenant ranks.

    Second Division Arc/To First Division Lieutenant: After learning shinigami and bankai at a very early time in his shinigami arc, he was promoted instananeously to the position of squad two's lieutenant. During this, the captain commander would notice his prowess with both blade, and kido, among other things, he was promoted to the squad one's lieutenant.

    Altair became captain commander a hundred or so years after the previous one was killed. Assuming the role with an iron fist, he straightened out the ranks and made sure that both the WoL and the Seireitei were in peace and harmony.

    Rp Sample:During a cloudy, mild heated sunday afternoon, most people were sitting at home, relaxing with their televisions on. Not Johnathon Dough though. At this moment he was in a gym, his fists rapidly hitting a punching bag filled with sand. Slowing the punches down a bit, he began to put more force into the blows, leaning in with them. And with each of these, the bag swung back on it's chain. It was during these loud thumping charged blows that two men in expensive suede suits enter the "dojo" as it was called.

    John held the punching bag until it stopped swinging as they approached and tilted his head. At this current moment he was shirtless, and his physically toned body was covered in a thin jacket of sweat. He was breathing slightly heavily, his abdominal muscles moving with each intake of breath. Turning from the two men, he grabbed a towel, wiping some of the sweat from his face and body. Johnathon then spoke: "I've already told you, that I'm not going to join your stupid gang."

    The two men looked two each other, before turning to look at john once more. The two men were of an asian ethnicity, with jet black hair, and each had a sword on their back. One had a goatee and looked to be about five feet nine inches. The other wore sunglasses and was about five feet in stature. Each had a crooked smile on their faces before the taller one spoke up.''Thing is..this time we were told to bring you back as a member, or a corpse." each of the men then pulled the swords from each individual back, slashing at john.

    John easily jumped backwards, his body pulling into a backwards sault. Hitting a wall with his back, a scimitar fell into his lap. Standing with the persian sword, he turned to the wall, putting his left foot against it. Quickly following was his right and this process repeated to have him running up the wall. He reached a point where he could no longer run and so he pushed off of the wall, flipping over the two goons. Turning quickly, he brought the scimitar through their stomach, to cut them each cleanly in half.

    John stood from the crouch he had landed in, wiping his scimitar on his pants. Seconds later ten other men came through. Each wearing expensive suede tuxedos and each holding a sword out. They surrounded john in a circle, each waiting for him to make a move.

    Placing the hilt of his scimitar into his mouth, Johnathon grinned. He picked up the two swords from the dead goons on the ground, holding one in each hand. Assuming a stance, he readied his santoryu(or three-sword) style. Seconds passed, and nothing but the whispering of wind came from outside. Then, as if by a silent signal, all ten began to attack.

    Starting with the nearest group of four, john crossed the swords in his hands, blocking the attacks with ease. Pushing forth, he knocked the blades(and the opponents guards) away. Swinging his neck, the scimitar cut into the throats of three of the four men, causing them to fall to the ground gurgling, and gasping for air through the blood flooding outwards. Another man ran forward, yelling out, and John turned, his body leaning forward, leg straight out to have his foot come into the stomach of the screaming man. As he did this, he held a sword near his knee cap, so as the foot hit, the man bent over in pain, the sword stabbing through the bottom of his mouth, up into the man's skull(Passing the brain) as it then came out the top of the skull. Grinning, john pulled his sword from the man's head, turning to the rest of his opponents.

    ''One...Two..Three..four..Five..Six. Such an unfair fight. You should call in more back-up." With that, two men got angrier, and blindly ran forward, slashing towards john. John moved backwards slightly, only the tip of a sword grazing his arm. He looked the scratch over and sighed, the scimitar falling from his mouth. The two men ran forward again and this is when Johnathon simply pushed his swords' tips to each of the men's stomach, them stabbing through skin, intestine, flesh and eventually more skin, protruding from the back of the men's suits. Pushing them backwards, he grinned as the men were impaled to the wall, leaving them to bleed to death. Turning to the remaining four he waited.

    Things happened in this order: One, the rest of the men tried to attack john at once. And he simply leapt up over them, evading the swords. Two, John landed near a coil of super thin wire, grabbing a hold of it. Three, John tied a small kunai to the end of the wire, throwing it at a wall. Four, the wire made many ricochets, until it came back to him, the wire against each man's back(the wire of course is like a sharp steel wool)cutting slightly into the suits. And with that, John pulled with a mighty heave, in one quick motion, the wire appearing on the other side of the men, blood on each of the front of their suits. Grinning once more, John watched all four men fall two different ways, cut in half.

    Throwing the wire down, John exited the dojo, running to a horse. He jumped on the back of it, racing his way towards home.

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