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    RP Rules

    Zarenkan Kobayashi

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    RP Rules

    Post by Zarenkan Kobayashi on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:49 am

    1. You may create no more than 4 characters.

    2. If you're going to kill someone's character, make sure you have their permission, first.

    3. Keep things appropriate, to a certain extent. We allow swearing and such, just please do not overuse it.

    4. Please don't make your posts one-liners. Try to keep your posts at a minimum of three lines. Posts can be as long as you want, but it doesnt necessarily mean you have to follow them, dont feel intimidated to write about random tangents/etc. to make your post longer.

    5. When posting, and you're out of character, it'll be helpful if you put, OoC: or something like that.

    6. No spamming, of course.

    7. No god modding. you can't be invincible, it isn't fair to other players.

    8. Important RP events must be approved by both parties. (i.e. someone would like to be my brother. He must ask permission)

    9. All roleplay must follow the basic story format of Bleach.

    10. Don't RP for other people without their consent. (This doesn't apply after 3 days of the other not posting.)

    11. Don't ignore other peoples posts.

    12. Advertising is to be posted in our Affiliates section. If you post your ad, we expect you to allow us to post ours in your site. Same goes with vice versa, if we post our advertisement in your site, you are allowed to advertise here.

    13. Do not join if you are a busy person and may not be able to post often. This may hold up RPs. If you are absent from an RP, notify your absence and give an RP excuse in whatever RP you are participating in. (Otherwise, in two days, the other person in thread may decide your actions)

    14. All actions toward another character must be limited. You can punch at a character, but you cannot decide if the punch connects, where the character flies, or do another action to follow. Example, you cannot do this "Megumi threw a water balloon at Kanaru, making her jump up and flinch. Before Kanaru could do anything, Megumi ran away."

    15. If you quit the forum, you can die at admin discretion. Quitting destroys character plans, and is annoying.

    16. Whatever happens in the RP happens. You can't change it, even if it does ruin any special plans you've made.

    17. If you have more than 1 RPC, then you may post links to your characters in your sig, or simply create a completely new account. This is up to you. If your rp sample on 1 character is found adequate enough, then, no more will have to be made for future characters.

    18. Bounts are not allowed. The Head Admin has declared they are too OP. Also, they are not in the manga and are not canon. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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