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    Xavier Black

    Xavier Black

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    Xavier Black

    Post by Xavier Black on Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:17 am

    Name: Xavier Black
    Nickname/s: Lucifer the Devourer

    Age: 2400
    Visual Age: 24
    Ex/Current Division and Rank: Ex-Kido Corps Commander
    Personality: Xavier Black fights with ferocity and often-extreme cruelty, rarely killing until his target has been totally disabled and humiliated. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly fatal wounds before obliterating his enemy. The most disgusting thing noted by one of his companions is that Xavier has no shred of humanity left in him, he is simply pure evil..some even call him "Beyond Evil". The reason is that he consumes human flesh after killing his victims, he has also eaten his own best friend flesh while he was in his teen years, killing her during his play, so you could say that he's quite fucked up in the head. Underneath his cocky, arrogant attitude, Xavier seems deeply sad and is envious of humans, for they are blessed with the gift of death, while he himself is unable to die and must walk the Earth for almost eternity. Xavier Black also despises God, for he does not believe in the being called "God" because he does not like to bow or kneel before anything, rather he gets flattered when someone kneels before him, he sometimes consider himself as a God due to the non existence of one.

    Birthday: Unknown
    Birthplace: District 12, Karakura Town
    Race: Vaizard
    Likes: Being Alone, Crafting weaponry and other miscellaneous Gadgets, riding on his bike, making his target beg for mercy, eating the flesh of the weak for raw power.
    Dislikes: Love, being called a "monster", Family and Friends.
    Hobbies: Xavier spends most of his time on his bike or preying on the innocent, he loves to fight someone strong and someone that could atleast entertain him in a fight.
    Mask Appearance:
    Inner Hollow Appearancce:
    Mask Empowerment:

    • the mask enables him to use a more advanced Sonido with a louder 'boom' and enhanced movements.

    • he gains the ability to launch a large black cero with dark blue outlines from the palm of each hand.

    Mask Duration: 6 posts
    Appearance: Xavier Black or simply Lucifer who is a devourer of flesh, Xavier Black has black hair and eyes. To satiate his unnatural hunger, he consumes human flesh and because he's kind of a psychopath, who is beyond evil itself. He has short to medium jet black hair and his bangs fall slightly in his eyes and strands on the side of his bangs framing his face, though one of his bangs is quite long, even reaching out to his chest area, his eyes are deep blue.
    Height: 6.0
    Weight: 57.3 kg
    History: It is unknown where Xavier was born, though it had been noted that he devoured his own best friend during teen years. Thus he was called a "Monster" since teen, after he devoured his best friend, Xavier's biological parents decided to cast him away, as he did not want to raise such a child. He was then picked up by some villagers in Kyoto, they taught him the basic of Zanjutsu and such, not to mention the Dark element. And after a while he also learned to control his hollow abilities from local Vaizards, after having learned all that he needed to in order to start his long journey across the 3 worlds, he then killed all of the villagers and ate their flesh till the soil was soaked with their blood, gaining the nickname "Lucifer the Devourer". He continued his travels afterwards, and learned tons of interesting techniques, while on his journey he also discovered that he was a Sensory type. After a while he arrived at the Land of Emotions, he started to take a liking to the atmosphere there, it was lonely yet calming and comforting, these emotions that he never felt. Xavier Black also took a liking to the Shinigami of Anadota, because some of them were as cruel/sadistic/psychopaths as he himself was...which he apparently found comforting. Taught no one knew where he came from or about his past, he decided to keep it that way since he wanted to settle down, which he did after he found his true home called, The Heavenly Planes, Xavier Black has black hair and Dark Blue eyes. To satiate his unnatural hunger and at the same time power up, he consumes flesh and absorbs Reishi. He is also shown to have amazing athletic abilities, strength, and regenerative ability through the devouring. When he invokes his 'Horus Sight', a cross-shaped symbol appears over his pupils, allowing him to absorb Kido of any form. Because of his eyes, he is unable to use Kido of any form.
    Orihime Inoue

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    Re: Xavier Black

    Post by Orihime Inoue on Thu May 01, 2014 5:14 am

    I'm not really good at judging these kinds of things, but I really do need to know each and every technique you have in detail. Make as many posts as you require to explain as much as needed, you have all the time in the world.

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